Running tips

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Running tips


From head to toe:

a hat that can go through the washing machine, for when it's cold or rainy.
Neck gaiter
cover mouth when it's so cold that breathing hurts.
Heart rate monitor
better heart rate sensing for watch.
Short sleeve or long sleeve technical t-shirt
many races give these out or sell them.
Arm warmers
good to wear with short sleeves when you think you'll warm up.
Sports watch
tell you what to do and track progress. I use a Garmin Forerunner 765.
Gloves for dry weather
can be thin and mainly protect against wind.
Gloves for wet weather
there exist mittens with optional rain covers.
ideally something that's visible and good in rain.
Shorts or pants
over time it becomes more important to have lightweight shorts/pants.
Gu gels (for longer runs)
I take one for every ~4-ish miles of running when running 7+ miles.
House/car keys
ideally on a separate keyring to make it easy to grab just them.
Rain pants
second layer if it's raining pretty heavily.
I don't know much about socks right now.
to cover the shoes if it's snowy.
Road running shoes
I like Fleet Feet; they can scan your feet to identify types of shoes.
Trail running shoes
I like ones with a rock plate, but I don't have much experience.
Shoe inserts if needed
I do this per Fleet Feet's recommendation.

I like Brooks Running and started out looking through all their apparel for ideas.

For at home:

Shoe dryer
for when the shoes get wet. There exist quiet ones that will dry shoes within a few hours.
Nuun tablets
I'll use one of these afterwards when I run 5+ miles.
Clothes washer/dryer
it's gonna get a lot of use.

Preparing for a race

When researching

  • Look at past race results to get a sense of the number of people

Once signed up

If you have a Garmin watch:

  • Add the race to Garmin
  • Make the course if needed; you can do this via Garmin Connect. If there are multiple loops for the course, consider's planner. plotaroute makes it easy to repeat a loop.
  • Create a PacePro plan
  • Ensure the course + PacePro plan are synchronized to the watch

Week before

  • Ensure you have experience with the shoes you're going to use

Day before

Gather materials:

  • Clothing, e.g. hat
  • Double-check start time
  • Double-check traffic and time to travel

The morning of

  • Fill up a water bottle and add a Nuun tablet. This is for drinking afterwards.
  • If driving, when parking think about the race traffic afterwards


  • Update any records, e.g. I keep a text file of my race times
  • Post to Strava if you want